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How To Install A Toilet


How To Install A Toilet

If you are considering revamping your bathroom, fitting a new toilet is a great way to add a modern look. If you don’t know how to fit a toilet, this article will give you all the help you need.


You will need to buy your toilet first, and you will need to make sure the size is suitable for the area you will fit it, and one of the most important dimensions will be the height. Don’t forget that you will need to be comfortable on your toilet, so sit on it before you buy it. You will also need to have a new wax ring, and perhaps a new flange to fix the toilet to the floor. Your tool box will need a variety of spanners and wrenches, so make sure you have suitable sizes for the nuts and bolts that need to be tightened, and you will need a full caulking gun and a level. You can buy toilets ready assembled, and this is the easiest way if you do not want to assemble all the pieces. Personally, I think that fitting the tank is possible for anybody, but I would advise having the contents of the tank preassembled.

Fitting the Bowl

If you are going to use the old flange on your new toilet you will need to clean it, and make sure the bolts are okay to use, and if not replace them. If you are going to fit a new flange make sure that it is screwed firmly to the floor (it is possible to use putty, but this is not as secure), and you can then fit your new wax gasket to the bottom of your bowl. Wax gaskets come with inserts to ensure the flange and bowl marry together, wider gaskets in case your bowl is too high, or as a standard ring. The standard gasket ring will usually suffice, but make sure you have the suitable gasket for your circumstances and remember that the gasket should have the taper running to the floor. Once the ring is fitted you should apply some caulk to the bottom of your bowl and set it over the flange with the bolts coming through the base. Using a level and some spacers (washers or pennies will do) level the toilet while tightening the bolts (not too tight as porcelain can crack).

Fitting the Tank

The tank is a straightforward thing to fit and, after fitting any gaskets or seals, all you will need to do is drop it (not literally) onto the bowl after lining up the bolts. Again, you will want to level the tank while tightening up your bolts so have the level ready. Try to be careful when seating and tightening the bolts as cracking the toilet is a real possibility if you are heavy handed. If you did not have the workings of the tank pre-assembled you will need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to fit them.

Final Connection

The last thing you will need to do is to fit the water supply. If you have no accessible stop valve fitted to your system, you should fit one now, and connect the supply pipe to the tank with a compression fitting. You can now turn on your water supply and check for leaks.
This job is not very complicated, and a bit of pre-thought and reading this how to fit a toilet guide should have made the job a little easier.

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