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Here's what you need to know about custom cabinetry


Here's what you need to know about custom cabinetry

So, you’re remodeling your kitchen! It’s one of the best investments you can make to improve your home’s value.
The bulk of your kitchen remodeling budget will be consumed by the cabinets you choose to install. It’s imperative to choose wisely amongst the many options available. Since doors and drawer fronts account for the greatest expense re-facing is not always the most cost-efficient way to go. Custom cabinetry may be a good choice. It will also give you the freedom to change the layout of your kitchen.
Here’s what you need to know when ordering custom cabinets.


The cabinet designer will look over your kitchen layout and come up with a plan to suit your needs. This is the time to be free with your own ideas so they can be incorporated. For example, if you cannot live without a special drawer for kitchen compostables, now is the time to mention it so the designer can take it into account. Appliances must be also measured to fit into the design.

Wood Preferences

Popular woods include maple, hickory, oak and cherry. Some woods like oak have a distinctive knotty surface, others like maple most often have a straight grain. Most custom cabinet makers use solid wood but it is a good idea to check whether this is indeed so, or if a veneer is being used.
With custom cabinets your choices can even extend to reclaimed or exotic woods and the cabinet maker can match the paint to existing furniture.


Cabinets come in two types: framed and frameless and there are endless varieties in both versions. They are constructed differently.
Framed cabinets look more traditional and have a 1.5 – 2-inch border around the door which adds strength and durability to the cupboard. The doors are mounted on the inside giving it a flush-mounted look.
In frameless cabinets, the doors cover the entire face of the cupboards. It is called a full-overlay and gives a more modern or contemporary look.

Door Styles

Cabinet doors are the most noticeable element in a kitchen. Here are six of the most popular styles:
1. Raised or arched cathedral panel for a traditional kitchen.
2. Shaker-style for a contemporary look. This features simple and clean lines.
3. Flat doors for a minimalist and modern look.
4. Inset doors are expensive but have a classic look that will not age. They usually have exposed hinges.
5. Distressed doors work best in an antique-style kitchen.
6. Beadboard gives a cottage-style look.

Soft close and Full Extension Drawers

A soft close device is added to the cabinets and is a must in a modern kitchen. It will ensure that your cabinets and drawer close quietly and smoothly. Full extension drawers allow you to use the entire unit and pull it out completely for easy access to the back.


This is an area where the customer can enjoy free rein to be as creative as he/she wants to be. The variety of knobs and pulls available are extensive ranging from pewter to wood. Go for what complements your choice in paint to endow the cupboards with a unique look.


Your cabinet designer will also bring up the topic of accessories when discussing your custom options. Common additions include a space for two recycling bins, a pull-out spice cupboard, a lazy susan for a corner cabinet and a wine rack. Pull-out drawers for pots and pans are a must for most homeowners as are oversized drawers for bakeware.

Whatever style of cabinet you choose, you will also have to decide whether they should be stained or painted. Custom cabinet makers also take between six to 12 weeks to construct and deliver their product so this time must be factored in.

In the end of course it boils down to time, expense and what you can’t live without.


By: Beverley Burgess Bell

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