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Save your money. Quick fixes you can do around the home.

When it comes to home repair, we all want to be that person who can do it all. You take one look at a busted pipe and say, “I can fix that with my bare hands.” Or the drain is clogged and you think you can clear it with a stick of dynamite. No, don’t do that. There are easier ways to take care of such problems. A busted pipe will require a call to a plumber, but that clog can be taken care of in minutes. The following are some tips for taking care of some of the repairs around your house.

A clogged drain

Believe it or not, but a few Alka Seltzer tablets can undo that clog in your drain. Just follow it up with a cup of white vinegar and you won’t have to rush out to buy a drain cleaner. After 15 minutes, pour some boiling water down the drain to loosen the clog.

Peeling wallpaper

That dreaded wallpaper has already put you through a lot when putting it up with tons of wallpaper paste. God forbid if it starts to peel. If you still have some wallpaper paste left, just peel back the section that has separated from the wall and apply some paste. If not, white glue works just as well; even a mixture of flour and hot water will do the trick. Use a credit card or old gift card to smooth the wallpaper back into place.

Wall damage and marks

Maybe instead of peeling wallpaper, you have some cracks in your walls. Depending on the size, it can be something you do yourself. Anything bigger will require an expert. But let’s say it’s small. Spackle or joint compound can fill the crack with the use of a putty knife. Once it’s dry, you can sand it down and paint over it. Did you know you could also use toothpaste to solve that problem? Of course, it has to be the white kind and not the gel kind. That same toothpaste can be used to remove scuffmarks from walls. Again, use the white kind and work it out with a scrub brush.

Floor scratches and marks

You tell the kids not to run in the house, but they do and leave behind ugly scuffmarks. Well, a tennis ball can get rid of that, as well as a clean sneaker. How’s that for ironic? Minor scratches on hardwood floors can be hidden with stain matching markers and crayons. Minwax Stain Markers are good for such things as they contain wax and urethane to protect your hardwood floor. Deeper scratches will require sanding, filling, sanding again, staining and sealing. It’s a little more effort, but worth it when you consider the look of your hardwood floors.

Removing wax from carpet

You think you’re being romantic by lighting all those candles around the house, but it’s a terrible shock when one falls over. First you have to put out the fire and then you have to deal with the hardened wax that has pooled on the carpet. It is not easy removing wax from carpet, but it can be done. Just pile up a bunch of paper towels on top of the wax and use an iron to melt it. The paper towels will absorb it. You may have to do a few passes with more paper towels, but eventually it will come out.

By Meagan Dieroff

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