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Essential elements to a modern kitchen


7 key elements to a modern kitchen design

What is said to be “modern” is always changing with taste and technology, however the design elements of simplicity, efficiency and function is classic. Today, modern kitchens are popular and desired by homeowners for the hip aesthetics and practical design. The trend of modernity isn’t going anywhere. As people find new ways to make their kitchen more efficient and streamlined, the concept will evolve but not become out-dated.

Modern kitchens are here to stay. Luc Crawford, interior designer and owner of Luc Crawford design, shares what he thinks are timeless elements to modern kitchen design.

Flat surfaces and sleek lines

Flat, hard surfaces that are easy to clean and cook on are key to keeping your kitchen functional. For countertops he says it is common to use quartz or corian. He says keeping everything at counter-height also adds to the sleekness factor.

Kitchen tables are often replaced by islands and stools come up to counter height as well. This creates a seamless line that adds to the simplicity.

Take storage down

Luc says instead of using the typical design of having cupboards higher on the wall, an element of modern kitchens is to bring the storage down closer to the floor. This allows the kitchen to seem bigger, more open and less cluttered.

“This makes things so light and airy,” says Luc. “There are also very fashion forward options like deep pull out drawers.”

Less is more

The modern kitchen concept is perfect for people who don’t like to see things on their countertops. Today it is possible to hide coffee makers, toasters and even microwaves through clever design. Since modern kitchens are very much inspired by industrial kitchens, having less clutter makes cooking easier.

Avoid busy colour combinations and go monochromatic, suggests Luc.

“Especially for resale value, keeping things neutral is important. Think blacks, whites and greys and if you want to bring in a splash of colour - accessorize,” he says. “Butk, if you are planning on living in the house for the rest of your life and love colour, Bob’s your uncle.”

Organization is key

Since simplicity and cleanliness are major design factors, being well organized is important. Design elements such as dish dividers, appliance holders, built-in ovens or microwaves help keep things organized, or at least looking that way when cupboards are closed.  In a modern kitchen nothing is random and symmetry is important, so getting rid of the clutter is necessary.

Imagine a restaurant and how organized they are - a modern kitchen should incorporate the same principle.

Appliances matter

The concept of modern design rests heavily on modern appliances. Energy efficient appliances, that have sleek lines and textures, such as stainless steel are great additions. Now, microwaves can go under counters and hood ranges are getting smaller. To be modern you should be using cutting-edge gadgets to maximize efficiency and keep everything up-to-date.

Don’t forget about hip lighting

Modern kitchens also have a specific style of lighting. The latest trends include pendant lighting over an island to give a sleek, modern look. Other lighting is often built into elements of the kitchen. For example, you can have LED lighting under cupboards or behind frosted glass windows.

Think about your budget

Creating cutting-edge, modern kitchens can be expensive. Due to the fact that they are based on high quality materials and the latest, most efficient gadgets, if you want to go all out, you are looking at a big bill. It is also recommendable to get a certified interior designer. However, if you budget is smaller, the clean, straight lines of Ikea furniture can be a more affordable alternative to incorporate some of these elements.

By Alyssa McMurtry

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