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Elephants and gold


A flavour of Thai

There is something so breathtaking about Thailand. The tranquil scenery, the significance of the gentle giant elephant and their incredible décor.

If you have ever travelled to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, you’ll remember the vibrant golds, reds, greens. The sun hits the Palace and you are left in awe of the dazzling scene before you.

While you may not want to cover your house in gold leaf, it is nice to add a touch of Thai flair. A Buddha head surrounded by candles on a red wall, a few gold accessories, some beading and mosaics.

Good luck elephants

Elephants are powerful, wise animals that often have a calming presence. They hold a huge significance in Thailand, spiritually with the association to Buddhist and Hindu beliefs, their role in history, being used in warfare and their royal status. Today, the elephant remains a symbol.

Many people believe that in the home they bring protection, good luck, wisdom and fertility.Elephant ornaments are popular and the Feng Shui traditions say to place one by the door facing inward to signal good luck and blessings entering the home. The trunk is also something to consider. Elephants depicted with their trunks up, symbolizing the showering of good luck.  

Take a look at the images above for inspiration from the Palace. Would you add a Thai flavour to your interiors?

By Sarah Hoy

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