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Tree trunk furniture


Don't be stumped with this trend

The rustic trend is still hanging around. Bringing the outside in is the ultimate way to create a chic country style.

Stumps can be used as tables, stools, display counters, night stands, and look great as a cluster (if you are lucky enough to come across a few!). The possibilities are endless.

With this you won’t be stumped for décor ideas!

Tips on making a tree stump table:

  • When you order your fireplace wood, ask if they have any large logs that they can cut in to your desired table height.
  • You need to dry out the stump before creating the table. This will make it easier to remove the bark.
  • Remove the bark of the stump with a hammer and ply bar.
  • Sand the stump until it is smooth to run your hand over.
  • Seal with a stain and/or varnish.
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