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Decorating with nature


Decor - Bring the outside in

When it comes to decorating your home there are so many trends and styles out there that it can be difficult to know where to start. Think about the great outdoors. Now, think about bringing that inside.

There’s so many ways to decorate with nature (as we joke in the office about not sweeping up the dirt on the floor and simply say, “I’m decorating with nature”). Pebbles, wood, plants… the list goes on.


We love pebbles! There is so much you can do with them. Place them in a jar or vase for a centrepiece. Add a few to the bottom and place a candle on top for a romantic piece. Paint them in fun colours with your children. Write the names of plants and/or herbs that you have planted and lay them next to the plant so you don’t forget.

Alternatively you could push your design a little and create a fireplace surround just like the one in the picture above.


Logs are great to decorate with. Whether you have them whole and placed by the fire for a country feel or if you city them in circles and varnish to create rustic coasters, they add a cosy feel to the home.

You can also use large stumps as tables. See our article Tree Trunk Furniture for ideas.


We’re talking plants not fresh flowers put into a vase. There are many air purifying plants out there such as a spider plant and bamboo palm, so first start with these. Now, there is no need to create a forest in your home, but a few around the house can brighten up the place.

Create a terrarium using jars. A terrarium is a like a little garden grown in a container, often a glass one.


Don’t throw food on the counter and say, “voila, I’ve decorated with nature”. But, you can use bright fruits such as apples, lemons and limes to create a display. Apples look great in the middle of a dark coffee table, lined up on a narrow white plate. Lemons and limes add a touch of colour to the kitchen when placed in a glass bowl or tall vase.


Even taken a great photo outside and thought it would be great to display? Do it! It’s a perfect way to bring some of the outside in - without the mess. Have a photo blown up and placed in a room where you want to relax. Often the thought of a swaying tree, an ocean, or you favourite flower will have a calming effect.

Frame them in a distressed wooden frame to complete the outdoorsy look.

By Sarah Hoy


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