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Create the ultimate man cave


Create the ultimate man cave

It is the holy grail of rooms for most men. A space that they dream of creating into such a manly masterpiece that it will be envy of all their friends. The man cave.

Whether it is a basement, attic, den or garage, these male-oriented rooms are where they can hang all that circa 1983 sports memorabilia without fear of it being taken down the moment they leave the room. And pretty well every guy is itching to have man cave to call his very own.

But once that basement/attic/den/garage has at long last been allocated as a man cave, how does one go about creating such a space? Fear not, guys, we've pulled together some of the essential components for you to choose from to help convert any space into a well-equipped man cave that will surely have your friends seeing green.

The television

It's basic common sense that the TV is going to be a main focal point and source of entertainment for any man cave. Before going out and buying the absolute biggest television that your budget allows, make sure to first measure the amount of space you have to determine the ideal size of screen. You will want your seating area to be placed away from the TV at a distance of about three times the size of the screen. Have a large space to work with? Then consider really impressing your friends with a projector and screen. For some do-it-yourself inspiration, check out

Surround sound

So what if you can't physically be at the championship game - that doesn't mean your man cave can't sound like you are. Once you've got the television purchased a worthy investment would be a surround sound system, which is a great investment if your man cave is situated in a basement or garage where the acoustics may not be the greatest.

Memorabilia and collectibles

You know all that sports memorabilia from your university days that is sitting in a box just waiting to be displayed? Well, this is the perfect spot to showcase those Blue Jays World Series posters with pride ( This is also the ideal place to display your model car collection or any other collectibles you treasure, which will create a theme for the room.


Sounds obvious, right? But once you've got that television and surround sound system hooked up, you'll want to make sure you have enough seats for all of your friends to hang out. And make sure that whatever you pick is comfortable for when the big game goes into triple overtime or watching the entire collection of Rocky movies. Think leather and overstuffed. 


It goes without saying that virtually every guy who wants a man cave wants to have a custom-built bar where they can host friends in their very own, real-life rendition of Cheers. But custom bars are very expensive and take up a whole lot of room. So if you need an alternative, purchase a bar fridge to keep beverages nearby and cold, or even a miniature tabletop beer dispenser ( For the homebrew enthusiast, building your own kegerator (part keg, part refrigerator) will ensure that your man cave will never be without lagers and ales (


No, we're not talking about throw pillows and candle holders, but adding some elements of decor to your man cave is important to make it feel welcoming and showcase your interests, while enhancing the theme of your room. If you've already added in sports memorabilia or collectibles this can serve as your decor, but if not it is important to find some items that speak to your personality and what you want to the room to represent. A beer bottle chandelier ( could be a great addition if you've added a bar area.


You'll want some other form entertainment available to keep your friends amused during halftime, or when your favourite team is on a record losing streak. A poker table, dart board, pool table or foosball table are all quintessential man cave elements that will be well-used by your friends and family members alike. For the avid player, there are numerous custom designs that will allow you to show off your skills in style, such as with this unique poker table (

By Erin Kelly

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