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Create an unique playroom


Design the perfect kids playroom

Creating a playroom for kids can be an unique, fun experience. It’s an opportunity for you to design and create a space for kids to feel safe, creative, playful, happy and comfortable. It’s important that the playroom reflects the children’s personality and interests. You could even use your child’s interest as the theme for the playroom. For example, if you child has an interest in jungles, zoo animals, Disney movies, pirates, Lego, or rainbows, then choose that interest and make that the main theme of the playroom.

There are many directions you can choose to go into when designing and creating your children’s playroom. Here are a few things to consider.

Playroom Layout

As simple as it may seem planning the playroom layout is the foundation to a unique room. Review your room size and envision where you plan on putting seating and storage items. Overall, how will the layout capture your child’s style. The best way to accomplish this, is to tackle each section of the playroom at a time. To have a consistent flow throughout the playroom makes it look unique.

Also, consider the table space, arts and crafts, toy cars and building block toys. You could use those items listed above to even landscape the room’s layout. 

Create storage space

Having an organized storage place in the playroom also adds to the space. For example, the storage can be attached to the wall. This not only looks organized and pretty, but it’s also practical creating more floor space in the playroom.

Unique playroom features

This is where your imagination can run wild. Creating things like a giant chalkboard on a bare wall could transform a playroom. How about making a door into a house? It actually is a closet door, shaped like a wooden house. This playroom feature like this adds an artistic vide to a playroom. It can also be fun for the kids to use as puppet shows.

Playful Accessories

A mini rock climbing wall in the playroom, transforms the playroom into an active space and creating fun play options. It’s also, a bonus if you find a playful accessory which reflects your child’s interest.

Creating a unique playroom can start off as a challenge and with the four tips above. You can use them as your guideline to help you start your kids playroom too.

By Alicia Daly 

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