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Colours, organization, mini trampolines...


Create a children's bedroom full of fun

Embrace your inner child and get creative. Decorating your children's bedroom can be a fun project that you can do together. With children, the sky is your limit! 

DIY Ideas

Get your children involved in decorating their room by finding DIY projects. Scout places such as Pinterest for cool ideas. You can make homemade play mats, bedcovers, wall décor… the list is endless. Just beware, Pinterest can take hours of your time, as it’s slightly addictive!

Make mood boards

Take in to consideration what they love. Are they dinosaur lovers, is their favourite colour blue, or pink or orange? Have fun with them and make mood boards. Collect magazines, brochures and print images from online. Get them to stick their favourites to a big board and plan from there.

Indulge their senses

Play with their senses. Use patterns for visual stimulation, different textures for them to feel, smells for them to enjoy.

Have fun

Make their space fun. We love the idea of a little trampoline for them to bounce around on and be active. Make cubby holes, and reading nooks for them to hide in. Give them a place to work, a place that is just there (you never know, this may make them feel like they want to do their homework).

Help them be organized

Help them stay tidy by creating some cool organisation ides. Try something like the buckets pictured above. Get creative!

By Sarah Hoy

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