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Choosing the right hood vent for your kitchen


Choosing the right hood vent for your kitchen

Getting the right appliances can really make a kitchen renovation worth it. Not only do they provide great function, but also style to the overall décor of the room. Among the major appliances is the vent hood, which can offer a focal point of sorts for a kitchen. A good one will deal with any smoke, smells and heat that generates from cooking. There are many things to consider when choosing the right vent hood for you, but first you need to consider what kind you need.

Ducted vs. Non-Ducted

How the vent hood deals with all those issues is the first thing you should consider. A vent hood that is ducted will route any smoke and smells outside your house. This is the ideal choice for many, but doing so isn’t always in the budget. The next best thing is a non-ducted vent hood that filters and re-circulates the air back into the kitchen. Of course, you will need to replace the filter every so often. If you want the benefit of both, you can get a convertible vent hood. It all depends on how much you want to spend and, of course, your layout.

Under Cabinet Mount

As you can tell, this type of vent hood is installed underneath your cabinets. Depending on whether or not it is ducted, you may loose some space in the cabinet above your range. This is a good choice for those on a budget and come in a wide variety of styles. However, not many people consider this kind of vent hood very stylish in this day and age.


Pro Hood

There are pro hoods that look like an under cabinet one, but are bigger and stronger. The avid home chef will love this kind as they can handle a lot of cooking. Of course, the cost will run higher than a regular under cabinet vent hood.


This is the kind you won’t even know is there until you hear it. These ventilator power packs are stripped down versions of the others so that they can be camouflaged by any manner of material. The option for customization can be very appealing to many homeowners and because of that the prices can vary.


Wall Mount

More and more people are putting in wall mounted vent hoods in their kitchens these days. The wide range of styles appeals to many and they just look good in any kitchen. This type is usually ducted and affixed to the wall with a chimney running up to the ceiling or the top of your cabinets. The cost of one is considerably more than an under cabinet mount, but it all depends on the make and finish you choose.


Ceiling Mount

Obviously, this kind of vent hood is mounted from the ceiling and works best over islands and peninsulas. Typically they are installed a little higher than most vent hoods so as to allow for better sight lines. With a high-end look, these are the most expensive you can buy.



Downdraft Vent

These too work well in island ranges, especially if you don’t want any of your sightlines disturbed. Rather than having a chimney hang down, this vent pops up from your island by pressing a button or remote. This high-tech option pulls smoke and odours down and out under the floors. However, for this reason they aren’t always efficient since air naturally flows upward.


Another thing to consider when buying a vent hood is the size.  It needs to be as big as your cooking surface in order to perform well. Its performance can also be determined by the amount of air it moves as measured by cubic feet per minute (CFM). A higher CFM is best for large amounts of cooking. With all that to consider, including the style, you can find the right vent hood for your kitchen.


By: Meagan Dieroff

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