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Children's dino bedroom


Step by step guide to using a dinosaur stencil for your wall

Are you looking at this dinosaur room thinking that would be perfect for your child? This is the work of our creative specialist, Sarah Christie and here's how she done it.

The idea came from Canadian Museum of Nature where they used two monochromatic colours to paint animals on the walls.

From here she picked two colors of green, one light and one dark green and moved out all the furniture.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Slightly sand the wall with fine sandpaper so that the paint would grip.
  2. Used a SOS pad to wash and sand the wall.
  3. Draw the outlines of the dinosaurs with a pencil.
  4. Use painter tape in a wide width (around two inches) to block off each dinosaur shape. Any pace you require in the dark green colour should be left exposed. 
  5. Use a roller and paint the walls with the dark green paint as you would normally. This will probably need two coats.
  6. Leave for around two days to dry to make sure that the paint won't peel with the next step.
  7. Using an exactor knife, carefully cut the edge of the tape away from the painted wall and peel.
  8. Outlined all the dinosaur shapes with the painters tape on the outside of each shape.
  9. Paint the dinosaur shapes with the light green paint. Leave for about two hours to dry and apply multiple coats.
  10. Let it dry for two more days and peel paint carefully.
  11. Use a small art paint brush to touch up any areas than had been missed.


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