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Chalkboard fun

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Get creative with chalkboard paint

If you have an old frame, cupboard door, or wall space then think about creating a practical and fun chalkboard. Chalkboard paint can be used for anything. You can even paint over mirrors if you buy a primer first.

Chalkboard is popular and we asked around the office to see if people are using them in their homes.

Paint the walls black

Try painting the walls. Our creative specialist here in the office has a chalkboard wall in her kitchen. The children can keep tally of chores, play games and write notes to each other. She also painted her tabletop with chalkboard paint so she can leave them notes!

Mirrored doors no longer

When I moved in to my home this year, the bedroom had large mirrored wardrobe doors. The doors had a crack and weren’t the most flattering. Looking at the price of replacing the doors I came up with an alternative. Chalkboard paint. With some premier used first, these doors are now a favourite feature.

Party time

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner then use chalkboard paint to create labels. You can even cheat and by labels like the ones pictured above from Michaels.

By Sarah Hoy. Images provided by Micheals Arts & Crafts (except bottom right)

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