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Bluetooth door locks

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Unlock your door with your smartphone

Who needs a metal key anymore? With technology becoming more and more advanced, now even our home locks can be controlled via our smartphones! Weiser have partnered with UniKey Technologies to introduce KEVO, the first deadbolt to communicate with a smartphone to unlock with a simple touch. 

KEVO uses Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 Smart technology, and with the use of an app, your smartphone is turned in to a key.

How does it work?

Simply touch the door lock as it recognizes your eKey and unlocks (or locks) the door. You don't even have to remove your smartphone from your pocket! As stated in a recent press release from Weiser: “Bluetooth 4.0 is more intelligent than previous generations, addressing the demands of today’s mobile devices while consuming minimal battery power.”

Keys for others

You can enable, disable and delete eKeys for others using the KEVO mobile app or through your computer. So, if you are having renovations done to your home then you can easily let your contractor in without giving him or her a physical key.

What if my phone isn't compatible?

You have a fob to carry with you. You could give this to your teen who may not have a compatible phone.

Check out more about the smartphone lock here.

By Sarah Hoy, Image provided

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