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A guide to walk in closets


A guide to walk in closets

Just think Carrie Breadshaw in Sex in the City. I am guessing clothes and shoes spring to mind. And, what about that amazing walk in closet?

If you want to create you very own fashion heaven then firstly you need the space. Do you have a small room that you can transform in to a chic walk in/dressing room?


You will need spaces to store different items. Racks to hang clothes such as dresses and skirts, shelves to folder sweaters and tops, and shoes racks to line up your footwear. Think about adding drawers to house your jewellery or his ties.

Add an island

If you have space then adding an island can be super glamorous. It’s a great way to get organized in the morning. Use the island to lay out and plan an outfit.


Add some seating to your room. This allows you to put on shoes, socks, tights etc. with ease. Plus you can chat to a girlfriend as you get ready.

Make it bright

You want to be able to see what you are wearing, so paint the room in a bright white for a crisp clean feel. Light your closet with a natural light so when you are looking in the mirror you are seeing the true you.

Keep organized

With such a big space it is easy to fall in to the trap of throwing clothes everywhere. This can look messy and will quickly loose its heavenliness. Place everything back in to its spot, so every time you enter it is a breath of fresh air.

By Sarah Hoy

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