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A Guide To Showerheads


A Guide To Showerheads

A good shower at the end of a long, hard day can feel luxurious. But sometimes it isn’t and the problem could be your showerhead. Perhaps the water pressure is no good or it has become clogged over time. Maybe it’s just plain ugly. Considering more homeowners today are turning their own bathrooms into a spa-like experience, upgrading your showerhead is a great place to start. After taking into account the flow rate of a showerhead, there are a number of different types for you to choose from.



A fixed showerhead is quite standard in most houses. Since they come in many different styles, they can work in any bathroom. Typically these are wall-mounted and can be easily installed by most beginners. Depending on the make and style, fixed showerheads are quite affordable, making them a good choice for those doing a low-budget bathroom makeover.

fixed shower head



This type of showerhead gives you the option to use it like a fixed one and also detach it for a wider range of movement. This is a perfect choice for those with children or pets, as well as those with arthritis. A hand-held showerhead can also be useful when cleaning so that you may cover every surface. These are also fairly easy to install on your shower wall with a cradle to hang it in when not in use. The attached hose can be anywhere between 60 and 72 inches long.



If you’re stuck between choosing fixed or hand-held, why not do both? There are some showerheads specifically designed to have a portion of the showerhead detach from the rest. The fixed portion will still shower down on you while you operate the hand-held part. It’s the best of both worlds and come in many shapes and styles.




This is kind of fixed showerhead differs in the way that it pours straight down instead of on an angle. These can be either wall-mounted or top-mounted depending on the design. This is a popular choice these days as a rain showerhead provides an even distribution of water with its large size. This also contributes to a gentler shower. The style is typically modern, though some have the right finish that would fit in a bathroom with an old-world charm.

 rain shower head


Shower Panels

For a real spa-like experience, shower panels make a great choice. These panels, or tiles as they are sometimes called, are wall-mounted with a number of jets to shower you from the side. Most often shower panels are used in combination with a top showerhead of any of the previous varieties. Depending on your preference, the power of the spray can be light or hard. This kind of customization usually comes at an extra cost, especially for professional installation.

panel shower



If your water consumption is of a concern to you, a water-saving showerhead might be ideal. This kind of showerhead can use as little as five to seven litres of water per minute. Of course, you want to make sure you’re getting a good clean, so most of these showerheads are aerated and boosted to feel like you’re using more water when you’re not. This will also help to reduce your energy costs in heating the water.


Massage and Slide-Bars

A custom shower experience is always made better with a massage showerhead. You can switch from pulse to mist in seconds. So the children can have a soft, gentle shower, while the adults can choose a harder spray. A slide-bar shower fixture can be quite useful for families, as well. This will allow you to change the height of the showerhead as needed.


Of course, all these different types of showerheads come in many different styles. The shape and finish can help you nail down the right showerhead for you and your family.


By: Meagan Dieroff

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