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A floor of pure genius


The latest technology in hardwood flooring purifies the air

This January Lauzon, one of Canada’s leading flooring companies, launched a product that enables your floor to purify the air in the home.

It’s like having three trees in the average house, they say.

It’s called Pure Genius and is an air-purifying floor finish made of titanium dioxide. It has been scientifically proven to make indoor air up to 85 per cent cleaner.

“This is a revolutionary product,” says Lauzon sales representative, Marie-Josee Lavigne.

Lauzon has bought the rights to the patent for this technology that was created by Danish and Swedish scientists.

While Pure Genius doesn’t use the exact same process as trees, it relies on something similar. It uses photocatalytic technology where the titanium dioxide captures light to form activated oxygen from water, or oxygen in the air. This activated oxygen is strong enough to oxidize and decompose contaminants in the air on the surface, transforming them into harmless molecules. 

Pure Genius minimizes odours and decomposes viruses, bacteria and mold. It also helps purify the air of formaldehyde and carcinogens.

It is especially recommended for people with sensitivity to air quality, such as young children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems such as asthma.

“A lot of people are curious but some are skeptical of the new technology,” says Marie-Josee. “But the claims actually have been proven, the external lab results came out really well.”

She says that people are already purifying their air using air purification systems and understand the benefits of pure air. However, she says those systems need to be replaced often. Pure Genius lasts as long as your floors, which on average is 30-35 years.

The Pure Genius finish is available on most floors Lauzon sells. Lavigne said the upcharge to include the air purification technology is usually under one dollar per square foot.

Lavigne will be at the Ottawa Home & Garden Show from March 20-23 at the EY Centre to demonstrate Pure Genius and answer any questions.

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