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9 Tips For Keeping Your Closet Organized


9 Tips For Keeping Your Closet Organized

Organizing a closet isn’t an easy task. It can take a long time to get through everything and then you have to sort it out. It can be a little overwhelming for some people, but fortunately there are ways to break it down into manageable pieces. So here are some of the best ways to getting a well-organized closet.

1. Declutter 

For many of us, there is a lot of stuff in our closets. The first trick to dealing with it all is to clear it all out. Take everything out until you can finally see the floor in your closet. Once it is empty, you can start to see the beginning of your newly organized closet.

2. Take stock and edit 

With everything out, go through what you own and figure out what you want to keep. This can involve keeping it in its original spot or moving it to a different part of the house. Do you really need your suitcase in your bedroom closet? It’s also a good idea to make a pile of things you want to give away. Odds are there are some things you haven’t worn in a while or have no use for anymore. Clearing out your closet isn’t just beneficial for you, but also for your community.

3. Add Built-ins 

This will depend on your budget, but adding a built-in unit to your closet can make it easier to keep it organized all the time. With the option for customization, you can add as many drawers and shoe racks as you want. Everything will have its place in your closet and it will look so good that you’ll want to keep it like that all the time.

4. Use Pre-Fabricated Units 

If you can’t afford to go with a custom closet, there are some pre-fabricated closet systems that can help you organize things better. These will be the wire-shelving units that you can install yourself. It might not be the prettiest solution, but it gets the job done. There are also those hanging fabric storage units that can work just as well.

5. Implement A System 

A well-organized closet always works well with a system in place. You can organize your clothes by colour, season, item or how much you use it. Keep the things you’re currently using at the front of the closet or at eye level. Move winter clothes to the back or on a top shelf. Put all your shoes together, as well as scarves or ties.

6. Use All Available Space 

Don’t forget to use the space above you for other things. You can keep the top shelf looking neat by using cubbies or baskets to store the things you don’t use on a daily basis. Keep the floor of your closet looking neat with a shoe rack. The walls of your closet can be used for hanging things like belts and jewelry. The same goes for the back of your closet door.

7. Invest In Good Hangers 

If you have any wire hangers in your closet, throw them out. They don’t do your clothes any good as they can leave dents in the shoulders. A set of matching hangers can add to the aesthetic of your closet and make it easy to find things.

8. Label 

Remember where things are by using labels. Put them on boxes, baskets, drawers and shelves, where ever you may need them. That way you’ll never lose anything again.

 9. Repurpose Other Storage Solutions

This can involve putting an old trunk in your closet for storing linens and such. You can even utilize an umbrella stand for things like yoga mats.


By: Meagan Dieroff

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