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9 Creative Upgrades For Your Kitchen


9 Creative Upgrades For Your Kitchen

A kitchen is full of creativity. After all, you create a bunch of wonderful meals in there, right? So surely your kitchen should reflect that. There are a lot of ways to inject your personality into your kitchen making it unique and functional at the same time.

1. Choose a theme or new colour scheme

By choosing a theme or colour scheme, it makes it easier for you to add the right elements to your kitchen. For instance, a 50s theme instantly conjures up an image of black and white floor tiles and retro furniture. A certain colour scheme can help you find the right accessories to make your kitchen look great as a whole.

2. Build a colourful backsplash 

Putting in a colourful backsplash will draw instant attention to your kitchen. You can stick to a single colour or mix it up with a few different ones. Plus, the pattern you put it in can make it visually appealing. There are a lot of materials to choose from when creating a backsplash, making it an easy upgrade for any budget.

 3. Fun flooring

Changing the floors in a kitchen isn’t always ideal, so it will depend on the scope of your project. A cool tile pattern can add instant personality to the space. But if you don’t want to rip up what you already have, you might want to consider painting it. Worn wood floors can be sanded down and painted in bright colours. This unique feature is sure to catch many eyes.

 4. Bold Cabinets

If painting the floors isn’t quite your thing, perhaps painting the cabinets is. This works best when you have neutral elements surrounding your cabinets. Otherwise, too much colour can be overpowering. So let’s say you have white walls and a black countertop. Red upper cabinets would make a huge statement while complementing the rest of the space. Consider a different colour for the lower cabinets for balance.

 5. Paint/resurface countertops

This is a good solution for those who don’t want to do a huge renovation on their kitchen. Wood countertops can be painted and sealed for everyday use. They can also be covered with decoupage or decals for a unique look.

 6. Freshen up the furniture

For those with an eat-in kitchen, you can also paint your table and chairs. Again, a fun, bright colour would brighten up the space and make your table a statement piece. You can paint the chairs the same colour or something complementary. If you do that, reupholster the seats as well to go with your colour scheme.

 7. New chairs

However, if your chairs are falling apart or just not doing it for you anymore, you can bring in new chairs or seating options. They don’t even have to be exactly new. Look through vintage stores for character pieces that could work in your kitchen. A bench might be a cool new option for your eat-in kitchen.

 8. Fridge makeover

If you’re tired of your old fridge, but don’t have enough money for a new one, fridge decals are a great way to freshen it up. Some are small accents that adhere like a sticker, but then there is full coverage ones that can change the entire look of your fridge. You can even paint your fridge with chalkboard paint to make it a note center for your family.

 9. Utilize unused spaces

In many kitchens there are those spaces that you don’t quite know what to do with. This could be a good spot to put a wine rack or shelving for cookbooks. This will help you maximize the space you have and stay organized.


By: Meagan Dieroff

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