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8 Ways to Change Your Bathroom on a Budget


8 Ways to Change Your Bathroom on a Budget

Are you tired of your boring, old bathroom? Is it giving you the blahs? Do you try to avoid having guests over because it looks so bad? If you said yes to one of those questions, then perhaps it’s time for a bathroom makeover. And I hear some of you saying yes but I don’t have the money to do a huge renovation. Well, fortunately there are some ways to dress up your bathroom without spending a whole lot of money. 

1. Declutter

This is the cheapest way to refresh your bathroom without any money. Odds are you have a bunch of toiletries crowding the edge of your bathtub and on your vanity. Take the time to edit what you have up there and you will begin to notice how different it looks when there’s not too much stuff up there. Throw out old products or give away things you don’t use anymore.

2. Decorative Storage

For the things you do want out, you can employ some decorative storage to keep it contained and pretty. A shower caddy will keep all the things you use on a daily basis at hand and out of the way. Try hanging wicker baskets on the wall for storing your towels. Mason jars can hold things like cotton balls and q-tips.

3. Shop Your House

Another free way to dress up your bathroom is to repurpose things from around your house. Perhaps a small bedside table would work well next to your tub. Aside from containing your toiletries, you can use that for holding magazines or candles. Maybe you have an old chandelier or light fixture in storage. Changing the lighting can make a huge difference in how you view your bathroom.


This one is pretty obvious since a fresh coat of paint can really make an impact on any room. You might want to consider using lighter colours for a bathroom, as it can make it feel more spa-like. Plus, if you have a small bathroom, using a light paint colour can make it feel bigger. And don’t think you can only paint the walls in this situation. Try brightening up your vanity with a different colour to make it pop or harmonize with your bathroom space.

5. Change Towels/Shower Curtain

Of course, if you do end up painting your bathroom, you might want to consider a new colour scheme too. This can involve changing the towels and shower curtain to complement it. Doing this can be a great way to bring in some patterns and visual interest.

6. Change the Hardware

Buying new hardware for your cabinets is an inexpensive way to update your bathroom. You can even find some decorative pulls at vintage stores. While you’re doing this, you might even want to consider changing the towel rack to go with it.

7. Change/Frame the Mirror

Switching out a basic mirror for something more decorative can make a huge impact on your bathroom. Try scouting vintage stores for something unique you can polish up. Of course, buying a new mirror can be costly, even those vintage ones. So why not frame the one you already have? Take measurements of your mirror and buy some framing material to dress it up. Or frame it with a colourful mosaic of tile.

8. Accessories and Artwork

Last but not least, incorporating some new accessories can breathe new life into your bathroom. Again, you can shop around your house for such things and switch out old artwork for something different. This can also include bringing in some fresh flowers or other natural elements.


By: Meagan Dieroff

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