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7 Trends For The Bathroom


7 Trends For The Bathroom

Your bathroom is your oasis – a space where you can relax and renew to face the next day. Pamper yourself with an updated bathroom and enjoy the knowledge that your upgrades will also increase the value of your home.

Large Airy Showers

Shower stalls have evolved from the small, boxed in look with a vinyl curtain or glass enclosure to a room of their own. Many homeowners are getting rid of their bathtubs and converting the shower into the main focus. Modern shower stalls are doorless and curtainless or have half-walls to keep flooding in check. Curbless shower entries are also becoming the norm—better to prevent tripping or slipping. And for those who want it all, there is the frameless shower enclosure which allows you the illusion of being doorless and curtainless but keeps the water in check.

Innovative Showerheads

Modern showerheads do more than just douse you with water. They combine nature and technology to imitate falling rain, massage aching muscles or changing spray patterns to cater to your every need. Some luxury spa showerheads like Kohler add bubbling and jetting water to their systems but are still affordable for the average homeowner. Grohe showerheads have even got rid of the twisting motion of most sprayers and work on a click-button system – much easier to manipulate. 


Soaking Tubs

For those who enjoy the relaxation of a tub, Jacuzzis are so yesterday. They are being swapped for soaking tubs. These tubs are deep and insulated like the ones from Victoria + Albert which are made of volcanic limestone mixed with resin. Beautiful, durable and practical. If space is at a premium, Japanese soaking tubs are small and can be seamlessly incorporated into one corner of a bathroom.


Radiant Floor Heating

Forget the thick socks with a toasty and warm bathroom floor. More and more people are installing this system under the floor of their bathrooms and reaping the benefits of warmth, efficiency and lower heating bills. Radiant floor heating systems are based on thin wire-like cables that are installed under the floor tiles. Once installed, they operate on the same amount of electricity as three 100W light bulbs and are controlled by their own thermostat. A heated floor also cuts down on the risk of slipping and falling on a slick, wet floor.

Fogless Mirrors

The bathroom might be full of steam after your long hot shower, but with a heated mirror you’ll be able to blow dry and style your hair or shave without having to scrub off condensation with a washcloth or towel. It’s a simple and relatively inexpensive luxury that can tip your day from being mediocre into a magnificent one. Heating panels are installed behind the mirror and turn on with a flick of a switch. Easy and worth it.

Safety Bars

As more baby boomers age, grab bars are becoming the newest accessories in the bathroom. Of course you can always get the shiny metallic styles but designer versions like the Moen Kingsley Grab Bar can be a more attractive option and are made to tastefully blend in with the surroundings.


Toilet Room

A new trend is giving the toilet its own room, or at the very least its own share of the room with a wall around for privacy … or a door. Pocket or sliding doors make sense in this smaller area and can be hidden from view when not in use.

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