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7 Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms


7 Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Make your small bathroom an exclamation point in elegance and beauty and no one (least of all you) will remember its size.

Here are 7 design ideas to inspire you and help you to maximize your space.

1. Privacy Glass

Let the light shine in and still maintain your decorum and privacy by installing frosted or stained glass in a small bathroom window in place of blinds or curtains which can narrow the room. You can make a statement in art with your choice of window pane plus enjoy the sun shining in. And your modesty is assured.

2. Stylish Storage

Visual clutter is the bane of a small space. Hair brushes, toiletries, cosmetics – hide them all behind mini vanities which can store all your essentials without overwhelming the room. Carve out some extra storage by building recessed shelves or using the corners in a room to add a few precious inches to your storage solutions.

3. Downsizing

Compact elongated toilets take up less room and are more comfortable than their rounded counterparts. The same goes with installing a smaller bathtub or a more streamlined shower stall. Take advantage of the new trend toward showers stalls with no attached bath tubs. Sliding shower doors will take up less room and the glass works like a window, allowing in more light to give the perception of more room.

4. Space Savers

It’s not as difficult as you might think. For example, an oval sink takes up less space than a round one but affords you more countertop space. Consider installing towel bars under a pedestal sink or high up in the bathtub where they won’t get wet but are handy. And remove the big clunky traditional-type vanity that builders usually install. Instead, replace it with one or two pedestal or wall-mounted sinks. You’ll still be able to enjoy the luxury of a his and hers space without feeling boxed in.

5. Go Bold

Make a splashy statement with bold tile colours or accessories. Transform your little bathroom into a wonderful world from the Arabian Nights or the exotic Orient. Or use bold wallpaper graphics but balance it with a simple white floor. Sometimes more can be less and a dramatic space can fool the eye into thinking it is something it is not.

6. Trompe de l’oeil

Trick the eye into believing your small bathroom is bigger than it is by using clear glass in your shower. It will let the light shine through but still afford you some privacy. Large mirrors will give you the same effect by reflecting light and visually lengthening the room. If possible, place a mirror directly across from a window to give you the illusion of two windows.

7. Colour Wheel

Layering the same neutral or light shade in different hues tricks the eye into thinking a small space is larger than it is. Pale colours also feel airy because they stretch the light and don’t overwhelm the senses. Allow as much natural light in as possible to brighten the room and always disclose as much floor space as possible to give you the impression of extra footage.

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