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6 Ways To Make Your Small Rooms Feel Big


6 Ways To Make Your Small Rooms Feel Big

Give your small room the illusion of grandeur. It’s easy when you know how. Just follow any of these steps to enhance your space.

1. Colour Done Right

One simple and easy way to magnify the size of any room is to use a monochromatic colour scheme. Boring, you say? Not true. You can use different shades and textures of the same color to make the room seem brighter and more open. The ceiling and floor should be considered as two more walls and the same treatment should apply. Ceilings can be painted in the same hue as the walls, while floors can be carpeted in a light shade. Or, try painting the ceiling one shade lighter than the walls, and one shade darker for the trim. For the best effect use pastels, neutrals and whites to open up the room and give it an airy feel.

2. Less is More

Clutter is your enemy when you are dealing with a small room. It will make the small space seem more cramped when there are too many trinkets and knick-knacks around. If you cannot bear to get rid of your baubles and doodads, stash them in a container and display only a few at a time.

3. Visual Balance

Too much furniture will unbalance a small room. For example, ditch the full-sized sofa in favor of a love seat plus two cozy chairs. Tall pieces of furniture can be placed against a wall rather than jutting out in the open. One way to gauge whether the room has the appearance of being larger is to see how much floor space you can spy. The more floor that is visible, the larger the room will seem.

Visual balance applies to the walls too. Try placing just one beautiful work of art of a wall, instead of several.

4. Dual Use

Just because you have limited space does not mean you cannot have all the accoutrements necessary to a room. One sure way to have it all is to choose furnishings that can serve a dual purpose. For example, rattan suitcases can be used for storage as well as a creative coffee table. Dining table leafs can be removed and stashed away until needed or a side table transformed into a mini office drawer. Use your imagination.

5. Wall Mirrors

An easy way to fool the eye into thinking a room is larger than it is, is by adding wall mirrors to a small room. They will not only reflect colour and light but will make the room appear to double in size. Another nifty trick is to hang a mirror across from a window so that it reflects the outdoors.

6. Let There be Light

Where there is light, there is space. Natural light is wonderful, whether pouring in from large windows or a skylight, but artificial lighting will do the trick as well. If your budget allows, install recessed pot lights to endow the whole room with a bright and visually appealing lightness. If recessed lighting is not in the cards, more lamps will add to the ambiance. Pull back curtains and drapes, or scroll up blinds to allow more natural light to flood the room and continue the illusion of a large space.


By: Beverley Burgess Bell

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