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4 Easy Tips For Social Media Successs

The World of Social Media

4 Tips For Success On Social Media (With Limited Time And Budgets)

These days, when you're talking about success in social media, it's typically the same thing old recipe: create great content, lot's of it, target it accordingly and keep your audience engaged...and then repeat.

But with limited available time, it's hard for small businesses and contractors to truly embrace social media like a major brand or a full-time blogger can. Do you really have the time to deliver great content, all the time, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, Periscope, etc.? Not to mention any burgeoning social media channels your potential customers are flocking too. It can be exhausting even before you've even begun to see results (or know what they mean!).

For contractors and small businesses, a completely different approach is requied. One that's catered to limited budgets and time. Here are 4 helpful tips to help guide you along the way: 

  1. Less Is More. Instead of trying to do too much on so many social media channels, pick one or two and own it. These days, it's easy to get so caught up in the excitement that you spread yourself too thin. It's best to make an impact on one than on none and more than likely, you only have time for one anyways. (Bonus: While it's ideal to pick a social media channel based on where you audience is, don't be scared to go with your own personal preference - after all, if you want to truly own it, you've got to be enthusiastic!) 

  2. Pay To Play. While it's easy to disqualify investing money in your social media feeds, consider this: all the time and energy you've spent, how much is that worth? For as little as $500-$1,000, you can guarantee a decent sized audience for your content. Would you rather spend 100 hours of your time to get a few hundred eyes on your content? Or would you rather spend $1000 and get tens of thousands of eyes on your content? It's your investment, so it's up to you to decide what offers the best return. 

  3. Narrow Your Goals. Once again, when identifying what you'd like to achieve on social media, it's easy to get excited and pick too many. Choose a goal that ultimately has the potential to drive more tangible business results for you. Are you trying to generate awareness? Then make reach or impressions your ultimate goal. Can you convert sales online? Consider making web traffic your objective. Engagement? Well...about that... 

  4. Stay Humble. Sure, you've heard all the success stories...but as a small business owner, you should know about failure just as much as they next person. For every Twitter account with 10K followers, there are many many more with less than 100. For every full-time blogger generating strong website traffic and advertising, there are thousands more who can't get an audience. People aren't just looking for more things to read - if anything, we're bombarded with too much content everyday! Think about your own behaviour online - what would it take to truly get your attention? What's going to break through all the other celebrities and brands that are getting your audience's attention online (not to mention their friends and family)? Hold your content to a high standard and look at it with a critical eye. There's a good chance you'll break through the clutter if you don't just assume that if you build it, they will come.


As a small business, it's only right that you adjust your social media strategy accordingly. There's no sense in trying to do too much with your limited time and budgets - it's more than likely that you're not moving the needle anyways. Pick something that works for you and push forward knowing that you aren't in over your head.

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