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3D Rendering in Design


"Using 3D rendering solidifies what people can expect..."

All home renovation or building design starts with an idea. Creating a custom space is based on inspiration from other projects, practical needs and harnessing imagination. Some people have great talents in visualization but for most of us, we cannot close our eyes and see our future home. Luckily, technology exists that allows us to see our ideas in detail before construction or redecoration even begins.

Imagine a clean, white room with a swimming pool in the centre, something Zen, relaxing and light, with a small tree, stones as accents and seating areas on both sides of the pool. Look here, and you can see a 3D rendered version of it and other rooms that have been created by advanced design software.

Knowing what your final product will look like before the process begins can calm those restless nights and insecurities that often come with renovations. With little commitment, it allows you to make any changes or tweaks in the design until you are satisfied.

“The projects are hard to visualize and using 3D rendering solidifies what people can expect, which helps us to be on the same page with homeowners and allows us to be more accurate,” says Jacquie Ward, an interior designer with Ottawa General Contractors.

Using 3D software to help with design is increasingly popular and many contractors offer the service, Ward says. The programs are usually interactive and allow the user to move around the room, changing perspectives. It is offered for any type of room or for full houses.

The cost depends on the project, a small room would cost less than a bigger room. However, using this technology often pays for itself, as it allows homeowners or designers to see what won’t work and helps to avoid people from changing their minds mid-project.

“It is definitely not going anywhere and is always getting better. This software is the way of the future,” says Jacquie.

3D technology has been around since the 1990s and is becoming evermore sophisticated. Today, it is commonplace on most home renovation shows and used by many interior decorators.

While Supertramp famously reminded us that we cannot actually put our hands in our heads, dreamers may find this software to be the next best thing.

By Alyssa McMurtry

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