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$30,000 homes for sale


10 x 10 homes just for you

For under $30,000 it’s possible to own a home, thanks to Vancouver-based company Nomad Microhomes.

While this home is not a mansion by any means, depending on what you want, it can come equipped with all the basic necessities – a kitchen, bathroom, bed, and living room. The houses were designed to be fully functional while sticking to the principals of modern design and good lighting.

They are called microhomes for a reason: each house is 10x10 feet, although you can get them with two stories or add them together to create bigger spaces.

“It’s not for everyone to live in. I’m not trying to convince people to sell their big homes and live like this,” said Ian Kent, founder and CEO of the company. “It does, however, provide huge socio-economic advantages for people by drastically reducing the monthly costs of living, simplifying life and diminishing their economic footprints.”

While these houses are designed to be lived in comfortably, there are other ways to use them. If you have a house you could set one up in your backyard and have a close, but not too close, “in-law suite.” You could also use it for growing teenagers who are desperate for their own space, renters or other visitors like workers or friends. Microhomes could also be used as a cozy cottage outside of the urban environment.

Commercially, these houses could be used as shelters in emergency situations, on remote locations, for temporary work or as environmentally-friendly hotels.

While there are many companies selling small houses, Nomad Microhomes can be shipped around the world and can easily be set up by the purchasers, much like Ikea furniture. Kent said for North America the shipping costs tend to be about one dollar per mile.

Nomad Microhomes are moveable and leave no footprint behind. There are four different models, but “Nomad Zero” comes with solar power plaques, a composting toilet, rainwater collection and grey water treatment to aid in living more harmoniously with the environment. The materials are also as environmentally-friendly as possible,” says Ian.

The company is taking orders that will secure the current prices. Ian expects to be shipping orders by the end of this year.

“So far this project has been really gratifying because there’s been a great response from people,” says Ian. “I’m really glad and I look forward to watching this idea continue to grow.”

By Alyssa McMurtry 

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