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Decorating a small space


How can I decorate a small living space to make it feel bigger?

Small spaces can cause a lot of anxiety when it comes to decorating and living too! Not knowing where to put your things or how to set things up so you can use the space effectively while still being comfortable is a problem I get asked about a lot.

Using furniture that triples or does double duty is especially important in small spaces. For example, a coffee table or ottoman with a top that lifts so you can store items is a great space saving piece. Using side tables such as stools that can also be used for seating when company comes is another idea for maximizing options in a small space.

Keeping it simple is key and ridding yourself of unnecessary decor items and clutter is important. Another thing is buying furniture that is to scale with your room. For example, if you live in a small condo you do not want to be a big sectional, you will need to buy an apartment size sofa that will fit the space appropriately. The sales person at the store should be able to guide you in purchasing the right size furniture for your space.

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Laura Boisvert

Laura Boisvert is a Certified Interior Decorator and the owner of LB Decor & Designs. Her team transforms and designs residential and commercial spaces, giving people the home that really suits them, and helping businesses become more successful, drawing people in and increasing revenue. From simple colour consultations to large scale renovations, they are a one stop shop for all your decor and design needs.