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Children, dogs... but what sofa?


Can you give me any hints to buying a couch for a busy family of five with pets?

Thank you for your question! This question comes up a lot with clients and it can be overwhelming to think of spending money on furniture when you are unsure if you are buying the right kind of fabric that fits your lifestyle.

Here are my top recommendations for the best fabric to use with children and pets:


This fabric is probably the most durable fabric out there right now and is my absolute favourite. This fabric is virtually indestructible, spills roll right off and odors can't be absorbed. There are a million fabrics to choose from (both solid and patterns), which look beautiful and will without a doubt stand the test of time.


Leather is a good option because messes are easy to clean, pet hair won't stick and a good quality leather will be tough against scratches. Make sure to use a full grain leather as this is the most durable kind. Distressed finishes are ideal because they will hide imperfections easily and only look better with age.


When crypton and leather are not an option due to budget I recommend ultra-suede. It prevents spills from penetrating the cushions, and can be easily cleaned as well as being odor resistant. Use a company that provides factory applied stain resistant treatment to ensure the longevity of your piece. Ultra suede mostly comes in solid colours to suit any decor.

Another factor to look into when buying furniture is the material's ability to stand up to friction. Manufacturers measure this by the number of "double rubs" the fabric can withstand before it begins to tear; 30,000 or more "double rubs" is the ideal number to look for.

Maintaining the look of your newly purchased furniture once it is in your home is also important. You can do this easily by vacuuming them once a month, wiping up spills immediately with a damp cloth, and keeping pets off entirely, or at least covering one section with a small blankey for them to lay on. Following these suggestions will keep your new pieces looking fresh and beautiful for years to come.

Happy shopping and best wishes for your home!

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