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Founders Story

Several years ago, I decided to redo my house. I had lived in it for over 20 years, raised two boys in it and it was time for a do-over. I had two options: renovate or rebuild. I decided to rebuild to get the exact house I wanted.

Finding Reliable Contractors

I thought the process would be straightforward: find and hire contractors, pay their bills and manage the process. In reality, finding contractors became a major task. I didn’t know best practices for work, contracting and project management. The information I needed was hard to find: who was good, who was keen and available, and who was affordable. The supply was large and varied, and some contractors were not even listed in the phone book.

The good news is that I rebuilt my house – from the foundation up – and moved in within six months. The better news is that I realized there was a much better way of going about it all, had the information been available.

An idea is born

Having run several professional services firms, I was used to the concept of bidding on work. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to post my jobs, as they came up, and have contractors bid on them instead of phoning around, chasing contractors for a quote and doing reference checks? Far more effective and efficient!

I then found out that the home renovation business in Canada spends over $20 billion annually. It was obvious that others had and would have the same needs as I did.

I decided to start Reno411 to help all homeowners find the best available contractors, and help the best contractors find homeowners with jobs. It was obvious to me that there is a much better way to do it.

Alex Beraskow, P.Eng.

Demolition of founders home
Foundations of founders new home
Demolition of founders home