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eBook:Floor System Checklist

Your flooring system, is a critical component of your home
Floor System Checklist

What this eBook will teach you:

What your floor system should look like

The different floor components (ie. Still plates, Columns, beams, joists, subfloor)

How to use the 10 Point Checklist

If your floor is in good con

The flooring system is a key component of your house. Do you know what to look for to be sure it’s working?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see it unless you have taken off the finish (ie. the top layer of flooring). Using this 10-point checklist you’ll be able to tell if your flooring system is in good condition.

This eBook goes through the elements of a floor system, and shows you what to look for when checking when preparing for and during your next renovation.

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