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eBook:Basement Renovation Design

A basement renovation is a great investment but can be complex
Basement Renovation Design

What this eBook will teach you:

Building code considerations when doing a basement renovation

How to improve lighting in the basement

How to design an optimal flow

Optimal location of the bathroom, bedroom, laundry room and other areas created during the renovation

A framework to determine the functions you would like to be able get out of your basement renovation (laundry, office, bedroom, laundry room, games room etc…)

The ROI on a basement renovation is higher compared to many other renovations. With this renovation an area of the home becomes functional when before it was just storage. The renovation is an opportunity to create a space that uniquely suited to the family’s needs.

A basement renovation creates a unique set of opportunities and challenges, renovating below the ground, in a space that in many older homes was never designed to be more that storage space. When renovating the basement there are elements of the building code that need to be understood, the use of light, and how to have a functional flow to the space.
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